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This guide will go through our Lexis Smart Forms integration

Lexis Smart Forms integration with Osprey makes it quicker and easier for you to create thousands of legal forms instantly.

To ensure LexisSmart Forms work correctly, we recommend making Adobe Acrobat Reader your Default PDF viewer.

Quickly populate forms

Using the data already stored in Osprey, with a click of a button you can generate and populate thousands of forms from the Lexis Smart forms library. You can also include forms to be generated when running workflows.

Once generated, Lexis forms are automatically saved into the matter history, allowing you to re-access them whenever you need,

Always the latest forms

Weekly updates from Lexis Smart Forms are uploaded directly into Osprey system to ensure you always produce the latest versions.

Accessible anywhere

As the forms are stored within Osprey, they can be created and viewed from home, the office, or anywhere inbetween.

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