Who is this guide for?

Case Workers, Case Management Supervisors and System Supervisors

Osprey Approach offers integration with Lexis Nexis Smart Forms, allowing you to run their library of legal forms through Osprey.

Please note that you must have an account with Lexis Nexis and will require Adobe Reader to be set as your default PDF viewer to view the forms.

The Lexis Nexis integration can also be used through our Windows, Android and iOS apps! These apps are available to download from the relevant stores.

We have also produced a short video if you prefer to watch these steps.

Step 1

Under the ‘Case Management’ tab, you will have an option for ‘Lexis Forms’.

Select this to view your Lexis Smart Forms. You will see a list of Lexis Smart Forms relevant to the kind of work you are doing. If any forms are missing, please speak to your system supervisor who will be able to easily add them to the list.

Step 2

Left click on the Lexis Smart Form to automatically save a copy to your matter history ready for printing or distributing.

You can amend the description and assign the form to a folder if you wish, as well as set a retention period if required.

Select ‘Save’ to add the form to the Matter History.

Upon saving a form for the first time, this message will appear advising that the form has been saved into your matter history.

Step 3

Tick the available box to prevent the message from being shown again if you wish. Now navigate to your Matter History. The form which has just been saved will appear at the top of the list.

Step 4

Right-click on the form to bring up the item menu. Download it if you wish, or select ‘Check Out’ which will prompt you to download a local copy for editing. Select the tick box to download a local copy, then select the option to ‘Check Out’.

Please note that if you wish to check the form back in you will need to save it locally on your machine.

If any fields have been mapped in the Supervisor area, then that data will be brought through into the form. Please see our ‘How to Set Up Lexis Nexis Forms’ guide on how to map fields.

Step 5

Close and save the form locally and then right-click on the form in the Matter History. Select the option to ‘Check In’.

Select the button to the right of the File box and select your locally saved form. Comments are required when checking in so add a comment and then select the ‘Check In’ button. to save the latest version of the form to your Matter History.