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Using Osprey

Learn how to use Osprey to manage your day-to-day operations and processes

With over 1 million high-quality searches completed promptly every year with Searchflow, there is little question over why Searchflow are the leading UK property search provider in residential and commercial markets.

Auto-populate data stored in Osprey

With all your data already stored in Osprey, you don’t have to worry about populating searches, saving you precious time, which all adds up over the year.

Information entered into Osprey can be used to populate your searches, regardless when searching against an address or title number.

Save time with saved searches

With hundreds of property searches available in SearchFlow, you can favourite specific search products so they’re easier and quicker to locate.

Perform multiple searches with Bundles

Create your own bundles of selected searches to quickly add to their Searchflow process. Easily combine bundles, favourites and ad-hoc products on a case by case basis.

Monitor progress of your searches

Once a Search has been ordered, users can monitor the process directly within Osprey, with any search results saved back into the matter history, with the Fee Earner notified via email.

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