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Adding a Quote from Your Website

Who is this guide for?

Case Workers and Case Management Supervisors

Convert2Client helps clients drive new & incremental revenue as your customers can go online 24/7 to get a quote without speaking with anyone.

This reduces the amount of administration needed and saves your firm time and money.

There are components to Convert2Client that can be implemented directly into your website.

These include the Convert2Client Chatbot and the Quote Calculator.

Convert2Client Chatbot

Step 1

The chatbot component steps through the process by asking questions that can responded to by typing or by voice commands should a microphone be enabled.

A series of questions will follow which will enable the chatbot to compile a breakdown of the legal costs.

Once you have answered all of the questions, this pop-up will show the breakdown of legal fees. A copy will also be emailed to you.

The bottom of the pop-up will display the answers to the questions posed by the chatbot.

Also on the pop-up box, the quote can be instructed by clicking Instruct this quote.

An email is sent confirming the instruction has been received.

Quote Calculator

Step 2

Another component is the option to get a conveyancing quote by clicking Click here for an instant conveyancing quote to bring up the Conveyancing Quote Calculator.

Here the relevant option can be selected from the top, enter a postcode along with the other information on the form including contact details. Finally clicking Get Instant Quote.

The Legal Fees are shown at the top and all additional fees will be itemised and displayed below to comply with SRA regulations. Underneath the table is the total purchase cost.

Relevant notes are shown below the the fees, as shown with the chatbot, the details entered earlier appear at the very bottom.

An email containing this information will be sent to the email address provided. Convert2Client will also send an email advising that a new online enquiry has been made.

This quote can be instructed straight away by selecting Instruct this quote.

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