Who is this guide for?

Accounts Users, Accounts Supervisors and Case Workers

If matter requiring billing on the CRM6 or CRM7 is not appearing on the list of matters awaiting billing then you can follow this process.

The reason for this is because some essential information is missing or has been incorrectly set; check that each of the following are set up correctly for the matter:

  • The matter has a UFN (you need to select matter type Legal Aid and then select the appropriate Franchise Category in order for the UFN field to be available)
  • The time postings have been entered using an appropriate Remuneration Type, and that any other disbursements you have incurred have been posted to the client ledger. If you print the Billing Guide report it will show the Remuneration Type for each posting:
    • Prison Law use PRISAA or PRISADV
    • Investigations Class use CRIMAA, CRIMAAP or CRIMWFD
    • Appeals & Reviews use ARAA or ARRDC

  • Ensure that the Personal Data page is filled in from Case Management > Contract Work Forms:
  • Ensure that you have correctly filled the appropriate page depending on the class of work. Case Management > Contract Work Forms > Investigations/Proceedings/Prison Law etc. You should ensure that an Outcome code has been selected, if the LAA do not require an Outcome code (e.g. Duty Solicitor) select ‘None’
  • Ensure that on the Class Completion page, the date is entered against the appropriate Class and the Reporting status is set to No (this will be set to Yes automatically when the CRM6 report is run). Case management > Contract Work Forms and select Class Completion:
  • The CRM6 report is run by branch – ensure that you are selecting the same branch as the matter is set up for.
  • Tick Show Unavailable Matters – If a Proceedings Class matter exceeds the higher limit for Standard Fees there will be a memo entry on the list of matters for CRM6 when Show Unavailable Matters is ticked, showing the matter flagged for CRM7. You will need to run the CRM7 report from Reports > Miscellaneous > Contract Work Reports in order to report this matter.