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Using Osprey

Learn how to use Osprey to manage your day-to-day operations and processes

Who is this guide for?

Any Users

This guide will take you through the standard reports available to you in Osprey

To find out more about any of the standard Osprey reports, select the section on the right, and click the link for the report you’d like to know more about.

Financial management

Client financial

Other financial




Reports (New)

This section contains any reports you have written in the Report Writer, or that have been written for you by Pracctice Ltd. The group names are customisable.

We also have a library of reports which may be useful, a full list of these is here.

Custom reports

This section contains legacy reports which were written for individual customers prior to the introduction of the Report Writer, so it is likely that any reports located in this section will not function correctly, due to setup differences from one customer site to another.

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